Environmental friendliness, aesthetics and comfort are components of each viable project

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    About company

    The Company is the general contractor for construction

    The headquarters is in Vienna. The branches are in Prague and on Turks and Caicos Islands. The Company has been active in external markets as of 2015. The pilot project on turnkey basis was accomplished.

    Zukunftsorientiertes Bauen


    Integrated project management

    All projects are created on a turnkey basis beginning from all kinds of construction works and ending with project management

    Focus of the team on the final outcome

    Ideas of environmentally-friendly and clever construction assist to correctly distribute resources which provides for high quality of work performance and the optimum work schedule

    Vast experience in solving non-routine construction and managerial tasks

    Customized approach to each project ensure implementation of innovative ideas that the Company applies in its activity

    Readiness to work with high-risk projects

    The Company assumes a responsibility for performance of the integrated review of the project including appraisal of the current state and finalization of the project in compliance with the agreed terms



    We cooperate with the companies that supply quality products of European standards. Application of such products facilitates implementation of innovative solutions in design and architecture.

    Our team

    Maksym Bondarchuk


    Tymur Tsaturov

    Chief Technical Officer

    Maksym Bondarchuk


    Tymur Tsaturov

    Chief Technical Officer

    Vitalii Bezlutskyi

    Procurement Manager

    Alexandr Vernik

    R&D Manager

    Lucien Zats

    Project Manager


    We are proud of the awards and appreciation of our work. Think Bau Tech looks with confidence towards the future and continues to reach new milestones.

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